Diana Abdallah

Hi friends! I’m Diana Abdallah, founder of Bello Bambino Doula. I’m a mom to a sweet boy, Vincent, who joined us in June of 2013. He is now in Kindergarten (where has the time gone!). I’m a wife to an amazing, supportive, hard-working husband, Mike. He’s a plastics engineer grad from Ferris State University and currently working for an automotive supplier.

After moving around for what seemed like F O R E V E R (5 times in 8 years), we finally bought our first home in Livonia. It’s so exciting to finally have a place we know we will be for quite a while (or for longer than two years).

I’m an advocate for anything to create a positive space for mom’s. I’m a volunteer contributor for the Detroit Mom’s Blog, a Big Sister for Moms Club International, and a mombassador for local working mom’s. Can you tell I am all about that #momlife over here? Yes I sure am! I love supporting other women, and in their mothering journey any way I can.

Many of my friends can come to my home at anytime, sit and chat with a hot cup of coffee or tea, and have a snack. My door is always open and I thoroughly love hosting people in my home. I bring this same joy to my clients. I want you to feel like you have known me for years, and for you to be comfortable in your OWN home. I make sure you are taken care of,  as well as your baby(ies).

I’m a lover of  C O F F E E, a fun night out with my girlfriends, a delicious H O T meal, and spending quality time with the special people in my life.

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Being a Mom is tough.

There are bumps in the road and so many peaks and valleys ahead. Just know that no matter what - you've got this!